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Injury or any kind of pain?

Let our specialists help you!
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chiropractic_shadow At Apache Health Center our goal is to be your guide to healthy living.

That’s why we work hard to provide you top-notch chiropractic care that ensures you leave our office after each visit with the good feelings only available with proper alignment and balance in your body.

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Medical Massage Therapy

medical_massage_bgr Medical Massage is for specific treatments needed for patients with problems in a certain area.

Our therapists use a variety of procedures that generate the most effective treatment for your diagnosed conditions.

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First Aid Training

CPR_shadowApache Health Center provides certified CPR, AED, and First Aid training of the highest quality to citizens of the Las Vegas area.

Las Vegas CPR is certified by EMS Safety and teaches the protocol of the Red Cross and the American Heart Association.

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hypnosis_shadowHypnotherapy is a form of therapy where we create a subconscious change in a behavior of a patient.

We try to create a new response to behaviors that are bothering the patient such as thoughts, attitudes, or feelings.

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